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How Old Is Presley Gerber? The Curious Case of One Young Model’s Age!

Presley Gerber is a model, social media star, and the son of fashion icon Cindy Crawford and his husband, Rande Gerber. But there’s so much more to know about the New-York based model.

Do you want to know more about the young man? Keep reading for everything you need to know about the son of supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Modeling is an industry that thrives on details, from the measurements of your body to the exact hue of your green eyes. When trying to break into high-end fashion like 19-year-old Presley Gerber, you can’t afford to get even the tiniest detail wrong. So when one agency listed him as being born in 1997 instead of 1999, everyone was left scratching their heads.

Incorrect information about a model’s age may not seem like a big deal, but it can be disastrous in fashion. For example, brands prefer models who look young and have a long runway career ahead of them. The more cautious agencies will often ask for proof of age before signing a contract with a new model, which means inaccurate details are almost always an automatic deal breaker.

Fortunately for us all, there are some explanations for Presley’s peculiar age discrepancies that won’t leave you worried about her future in the industry! Here is everything we know about Presley Gerber’s age!


Who Is Presley Gerber?

Presley Gerber is a 19-year-old model from Los Angeles. Before hitting the big time with a high-fashion campaign for Givenchy, he had worked as a model since he was just 11 years old. That means he worked professionally for three years before he graduated high school! Presley started on the usual kid model trajectory by hitting tiny fashion week shows and working with local agencies. In 2016, he was scouted while at school and signed with IMG, one of the world’s biggest sports and model agencies. From there, things have taken off pretty quickly.


Why Is Presley Gerber’s Age Discrepancy So Important?

As we mentioned, the most important thing to an agency is a model’s age. It’s nothing personal or cruel; it’s just that age determines how long a model has left on the runway before they start to look “old” instead of “elegant.” In this case, the difference between Presley’s real age and the age listed on his agency’s website was just enough to raise concern from the other side.

To put it lightly, there was some concern that Presley was too old to be a high-end model. This concern would have affected his career; he would have been passed over for younger, more profitable models.


How Old Is Presley Gerber?

We know that Presley was 19 years old and born in 1999. As far as real, provable evidence goes, there was an issue with his age dating back to when he first signed with IMG. One issue was that when Presley’s modeling age was added to his real age, it came out to 23 years old. So his agency likely had to jump through a few hoops to clear up that discrepancy and make sure that he was the right age—and at the right age for the modeling industry!


Why Was Presley Gerber’s Age Discrepancy so Dangerous?

As we’ve mentioned, the real danger here is that Presley’s age was incorrect but that the error was in the model’s favor. In other words, whoever was responsible for listing Presley’s age on his agency page decided it would be better for his career if he were younger.

Similarly, if a model has a date of birth that would make him too old for a particular line or brand, many agencies will change the model’s age to make the fit more appropriate. However, Presley’s case is a little different. He was listed as younger than he was, which means someone wanted to ensure he was young enough to work.


Did Presley Lie About His Age?

There are a few things to consider here. First, if Presley was listed as 23 years old, but is 19 years old, then that’s a pretty big misstep—unless there’s an explanation we don’t know about. Most likely, Presley’s real age was listed as 23, which would explain why he was listed as two years older than he is. It’s unclear why or how this discrepancy would happen, but it doesn’t mean that Presley was lying about his age.

The only explanation for the error is that Presley’s real age was listed incorrectly, which is not the same as lying. It’s possible that someone put a decimal point in the wrong place or accidentally added a couple of years to his age, but it’s more likely that there was some administrative error.


What Is the Real Reason for the Discrepancy?

If Presley’s agency listed 23 instead of 19, it was likely a mistake that was corrected as soon as someone caught the error. Unfortunately, the damage was already done; the incorrect information had been out there for months, and it would not have been easy to correct. As we mentioned, the real reason for the discrepancy is likely an administrative error.

Presley’s real age was listed on his application, but someone accidentally wrote down the wrong number when entering it into the database. It’s also possible that Presley entered his real age incorrectly. Any simple mistakes could have led to Presley’s real age being listed as two years older than it actually is. Once the error was discovered, it would have been difficult to correct because the incorrect information was already out in the world.


Did Presley Change His Name to Hide His Age?

This is also possible, although it’s less likely. Presley may have changed his name to make it appear that he was younger and, therefore, more appropriate for high-end modeling. There are a few reasons that this might happen. His real name is either “too ethnic” or too long to use in the industry.

His name is also difficult to pronounce, which can also be a problem in modeling. If Presley’s name is difficult for designers or consumers to say or spell, it makes it much harder for him to book future jobs. Changing his name may have been a way to protect his reputation and make it easier to get future work.



If he did make these changes, it’s an unfortunate example of young models’ pressure to fit the industry’s standards. Modeling is an intense industry that puts a lot of pressure on young people to conform to a standard that isn’t attainable for everyone. Fortunately, it also rewards those who are unique and comfortable in their skin. Presley’s story will inspire other young people to break into modeling.