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Review About The North Country Movie

A feministic movie set in the late 1970s is North Country. It displays the time when Minnesota mills did not have women working in them. The North Country is a movie about a battered woman who struggles to find a job. Even when she manages to find a job, people there make it a living hell to survive.

North Country is about the women working in the mill who suffer from sexual harassment from their male coworkers. It is an early ME-TOO movement for women working in the mill. The women in the mill suffer from all sorts of sexual harassment, right from getting stained-by-male-ejaculate clothes to being played-like-a-pendulum-in-a-portable-toilet scenario.

Finally, the heroine of this movie, played by Charlize Theron, gathers all her wits and guts to file a lawsuit against the management of the millworkers. During this time, she realizes that it only cares about the image in the outside world. It doesn’t care about the women inside the mill.

So, she hunts down a lawyer and sues against the management. All she wants is a law. She wants a law that can protect the working-class women inside the mill. She hunts for the law that protects women from sexual harassment case scenarios.

The judge in the courtroom asks for three such women witnesses who had to bear the brunt of sexual harassment while working in the mill.

Even though in the movie- women seem like they are running for their throats. In the end, they do stand up for each other.

NORTH COUNTRY movie is not just about feminism, but how sexual harassment in workplaces was rampant in the golden days.

This movie ends with a positive note. A positive note- that says only women can save themselves and other women. Else, the whole world will come crawling to devour them up.

Even though this law came into effect in 1964, the world did not show any mercy on women to date. A few facts about sexual harassment in workplaces –

  1. More than 54 percent of women report sexual harassment in the workspace.
  2. More than 90 percent of the women who face sexual harassment daily do not report it to the relevant authorities.
  3. More than 75 percent of women facing sexual harassment in the workspace do not even complain about it. Complain to their employers.
  4. More than 95 percent of men go unpunished after having sexually harassed women in the workspace.
  5. More than 55 percent of men think sexual harassment goes unpunished in the workspace.
  6. More than 55 percent of women report unwanted sexual advances in their workplaces.
  7. More than 70 percent of women got harassed by their seniors in the workplace.
  8. More than 55 percent of women have felt the need and worked on the need to leave their jobs. Because of the harassment in the workspace.
  9. Only 8 percent of the time, working-class women report unwanted physical touching in the workspace.
  10. Till now, only 47 states prohibit sex discrimination.

NORTH COUNTRY is an eyeopener. It shows how a group of sexually harassed women can bring about a wave of change in the workplace, society, country, and the world.