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Review About The Zodiac Movie – 2007

The zodiac killer murdered around 37 people in his lifetime. He stood right before the eyes of the public and cops. Yet, it appeared like he was from some distant planet. He mesmerized the cops through his avid letterings and created mayhem out of a molehill.

The 2007 ZODIAC movie says a lot about him. It is a true story where a cartoonist cracks the case of the zodiac killer. The cops give up on the zodiac killer and leave it for good. For one, because the zodiac himself stopped sending letters and committing heinous crimes. For two, because the cops had paid a visit to the zodiac killer. This visit was enough to keep him, mum, for decades together.

Yet, this particular cartoonist, played by the very elite actor – Jack Gyllenhaal, became obsessed with the zodiac killer. He got so obsessed that he wanted to find out about the zodiac killer to look into his eyes and let him know that the cartoonist knows about his murders.

The quest of the cartoonist stopped at nothing. Right from the handwriting specialist to the chief cop in the zodiac murder case, he left nobody untouched, unearthed, or unheard. It led to a lot of changes in his personal life. He had married for the second time, and this time too, it did not last long. For one, because he concentrated on the zodiac case for far too long. And, for two, he did not have any family time with his children.

The cartoonist became obsessed with the zodiac killer. The new truths he discovered led him to the zodiac killer’s mansion. In the house, he came to know that the zodiac killer does not operate on his own. The 37 murders came into reality due to two murderers. One out of the two discovered the map, while the other one committed the crime.

When the cartoonist discovers the second murderer or the zodiac killer’s partner, he runs for his life. He immediately runs to his family and finds nobody in the house. Luckily, he reads a letter stuck on the fridge that said – taking kids to my mother’s. His wife and children were all safe and sound.

The next day, the cartoonist goes and pays a visit to the zodiac killer at a store where he worked. Like the cartoonist had wanted, he stares right through him and pierces his heart, and lets him know that the cartoonist knows who committed the 37 crimes.


A few facts about the zodiac killer –

  •  The zodiac killer always gave puzzles or cryptograms to the cops copied from a book called The Most Dangerous Game.
  • The crosshair-like symbol he used as his signature at the end of every letter was a sign of a Zodiac watch. The zodiac killer wore a Zodiac killer.
  • The zodiac killer made unreasonable demands from the cops he sent those letters. He made demands like – he wanted people to wear Zodiac buttons.

The zodiac killer was a sensation in itself. In reality, he suffered a heart attack in 1992