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Month: October 2022

How To Stop Upper Lip Sweat: Easy, Inexpensive and Effective Solutions

If you are reading this article, you are one of the many unfortunate people suffering from excessive upper lip sweat. Aside from being extremely embarrassing, facial sweating can also adversely affect your personal life and career. If you struggle with…

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How Old Is Presley Gerber? The Curious Case of One Young Model’s Age!

Presley Gerber is a model, social media star, and the son of fashion icon Cindy Crawford and his husband, Rande Gerber. But there’s so much more to know about the New-York based model. Do you want to know more about…

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How Did EJ Johnson Lose Weight? A Look Into The Man’s Successful Journey

Everyone has a tipping point in life, some sooner than others. For EJ Johnson, it was during a photo shoot for the swimwear brand Caliente. The shoot occurred at the Wyndham Hotel & Spa in New York City and revolved…

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