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How Did EJ Johnson Lose Weight? A Look Into The Man’s Successful Journey

Everyone has a tipping point in life, some sooner than others. For EJ Johnson, it was during a photo shoot for the swimwear brand Caliente. The shoot occurred at the Wyndham Hotel & Spa in New York City and revolved around an “undercover agent” theme.

At this time, Johnson weighed 235 pounds and felt extremely uncomfortable with his body. It was then that he decided to make changes to his lifestyle. He started working out regularly and also changed his diet significantly. In this article, you will learn more about how EJ Johnson lost weight, his diet, and other factors that contributed to this positive transformation.


EJ Johnson’s Road To Weight Loss

There is no doubt that Johnson’s journey to weight loss was a long process. He officially started his journey in April 2017, but he lost significant weight around December of the same year – almost a year later. Johnson has always been an active person. During high school, he played both football and basketball.

When he gained weight in college, his routine became less active. He then gained more weight until he reached the point of being overweight and obese. At this point, Johnson decided that it was time for a change. He started going to the gym, although it needs to be clarified how often he went. He also changed his diet and started eating healthier meals. It is safe to say that Johnson’s journey to weight loss was a long one that took patience and determination.


Exercise is Key

When Johnson started his weight loss journey, exercise was one of the essential aspects. Although it is not clear what type of exercise he did during this time, it is safe to say that it was most likely weight-lifting and body-building. Johnson could also do some form of cardio, such as running or swimming.

It is important to remember that the frequency and intensity of your workout are just as important as the type of exercise you do. It is also worth noting that exercise not only leads to weight loss but also dramatically improves one’s health. It improves your cardiovascular system, aids digestion, stimulates growth hormones, and much more. In short, adding exercise to your routine is extremely important if you want to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.


A Healthier Diet

When you go from eating burgers and donuts to eating salads and raw vegetables, you are bound to feel very different – especially regarding your energy levels. A healthier diet is vital if you want to lose weight. Eating balanced, smaller meals throughout the day is essential so your metabolism is constantly active. Eating only once per day or eating huge meals will only cause your metabolism to slow down.

This will make it harder to lose weight as your body will have less energy. What Johnson ate during his weight loss is unclear, but it is safe to say that he consumed far more vegetables than before. Vegetables are good for you as they are high in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are also low in calories, which makes them the perfect food for someone trying to lose weight.


Lessons Learned

While the majority of Johnson’s journey to weight loss is unknown, there are a few things that we know and can learn from. One clear thing is that Johnson was determined to lose weight. He knew that it was a problem he needed to fix, and he made the necessary changes to make it happen. Other than this, it is clear that Johnson was dedicated to his new lifestyle.

He ensured that he ate healthy meals, exercised regularly, and was generally committed to a fitter lifestyle. This is the only way that weight loss can happen. If you want to lose weight, you need to change your lifestyle. It would help if you were dedicated to your health and well-being. Only then can you experience success with your weight loss journey.



Overall, it is clear that EJ Johnson’s journey to weight loss was slow yet successful. He started his journey in April 2017 and saw significant results in December of the same year. This means that it took almost an entire year for Johnson to lose the weight that he desired. This also means that weight loss is a process.

You cannot expect to go from eating unhealthy meals to consuming nothing but vegetables and salads and then see results immediately. Weight loss is a process that takes patience and dedication. It requires you to make sacrifices and make changes in your daily routine. It is not easy, but it is worth it. No one can say how much weight Johnson lost during his journey, but we can surely say that he is happy with the results.